Welcome to read more about Industrikonsult Syd, a consulting engineering company in Sweden. 37 years competence in elektrical 0-50kV, powerplants, mecanical/electrical service and maintanence, CE-marking, riskasessment, riskanalyzing, management, projectcoordination, construction and production developement.

We work with following areas:



CE-marking against machinedirective and other EC-directives.

We have lots of experince from different projects in lots of branches.

Riskasessment, techical documentation, riskreduction, EC-conformity of declaration, suport in rules, harmonized standards and other releated questions around EC-directives, riskidentification and CE-marking.


Riskanalyze and riskasessment

Different riskidentification and riskreduction in:

  • workingareas
  • workingequipment
  • transports (intern and extern)
  • materials (for example cemicals)
  • plants
  • machines (to more complex productionlines)
  • electrical machines
  • organisation, management and leaderschip
  • employers
  • building

Examples from swedish companys that Industrikonsult Syd have help:

  • Volvo Powertrain
  • Cementa
  • Foodtankers
  • Projektengagemang
  • Volvo Cars
  • IKEA Components
  • Ifö Sanitär
  • Swedwood
  • Metso Minerals
  • Tarkett
  • Jirotex, Furudalsgruppen
  • AMB Industri
  • Alvesta Tre Plåt
  • Glasmek
  • SAPA
  • Marbodal
  • S:T Eriks
  • Noda






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Industrikonsult Syd
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